Fischer Panda Marine Generator - Premium Series

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Code Description SRP
337025 Fischer Panda® Marine Generator - 8000 PMS 230V 50Hz 8kVA

Dimensions L x W x H: 595x440x590 Weight (kg): 164 Sound Level 7m/3m/1m dB: 52/62/67 Nominal Output: 6.8kW / 8kVA Continuous Output: 6.1kW / 7.2kVA

337027 Fischer Panda® Marine Generator - 10000 PMS 230V 50Hz 9.4kVA

Dimensions L x W x H: 660x515x490 Weight (kg): 180 Sound Level 7m/3m/1m dB: 52/62/67 Nominal Output: 8kW / 9.4kVA Continuous Output: 7.2kW / 8.5kVA

337029 Fischer Panda® Marine Generator - 12000 PMS 230V 50Hz 12kVA

Dimensions L x W x H: 705x445x590 Weight (kg): 195 Sound Level 7m/3m/1m dB: 53/63/67 Nominal Output: 10.2kW / 12kVA Continuous Output: 9.1kW / 10.8kVA

337048 Fischer Panda® Marine Generator - 15000 PMS 230V 50Hz 15kVA

Dimensions L x W x H: 740x480x600 Weight (kg): 249 Sound Level 7m/3m/1m dB: 54/64/68 Nominal Output: 12.9kW / 15.2kVA Continuous Output: 11.6kW / 13.7kVA

337050 Fischer Panda® Marine Generator - 18 PMS 230V 50Hz 18kVA

Dimensions L x W x H: 832x515x660 Weight (kg): 297 Sound Level 7m/3m/1m dB: 55/65/69 Nominal Output: 15.3kW / 18kVA Continuous Output: 13.7kW / 16.2kVA


Fischer Panda Marine Generator - Premium Series

Fischer Panda’s range of voltage regulated asynchronous generators are designed to provide an extremely stable voltage supply. They are ideally suited for
appliances and accessories demanding continuous power and high starting requirements such as air-conditioning units and compressors. Fischer Panda® Premium Series generators are supplied with 3D sound insulation in a heavy duty GRP three piece capsule, all mechanical and electrical connections
are fitted to the sound capsule base for ease of installation. When peace and quiet is your main focus, Fischer Panda® have a range of higher specification sound insulation options to suit your needs.

Fischer Panda® also offer generators with dual voltage (230V/400V) dual windings outputs, 24V DC starting and control, automatic starting and insulated from ground (above earth) units. 65kVA, 85kVA and 100kVA generators enclosed in a stainless steel MPL 4DS sound capsule are available. Please contact BLA on 1300 252 725 for more information.

• Small size and lightweight
• Easy to install
• Dual circuit freshwater cooling via heat exchanger
• Electronic controlled voltage regulation for perfect sine wave control
• Voltage tolerance with VCS (up to 80% performance) ± 3V
• Power rating factor cosPhi 0.85
• High starting capacity for air conditioners, diving compressors
• Short circuit stability with overload protection
• Electric starting, auto starting capable
• 12V/10A alternator for charging the starter battery
• Panda P6 Plus display; dual remote panel options available
• Brushless
• No signal noise
• No rotating coils or diodes
• External 12V fuel pump

Standard Inclusions:
SP33337662 Remote control and monitoring panel P6-Plus
SP33337030 Cooling water expansion bottle
SP33337324 Pierburg 12V remotely mounted fuel lift pump

337452 Standard service kit 3 to suit 8000 PMS
337466 Standard service kit 14 to suit 10000 PMS
337454 Standard service kit 4 to suit 12000 PMS
337470 Standard service kit 18 to suit 15000 PMS
337456 Standard service kit 5 to suit 18 - 30IC PMS
SP33337440 Engine mount to suit 8000 PMS - 12000 PMS
SP33337322 Engine mount to suit 15000 PMS
SP33336980 Diesel fuel filter 5 micron
SP33336984 Marine grade diesel fuel 5 micron
55- Service kit plus 5 to suit 8000 PMS
55- Service kit plus 24 to suit 10000 PMS
55- Service kit plus 7 to suit 12000 PMS
55- Service kit plus to suit 15000 PMS
55- Service kit plus 8 to suit 18 PMS
55- Service kit plus 19 to suit 24 - 30IC PMS
55- Basic installation kit 2 to suit 8000 - 15000 PMS
55- Basic installation kit 3 to suit 18 & 24 PMS
55- Premium installation kit 2 to suit 8000 - 15000 PMS
55- Engine mount to suit 18 - 30IC PMS
55- Automatic start-up kit to suit 8000 - 12000 PMS
55- Automatic start-up kit to suit 15000 - 30IC PMS

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