Payment Policy

Trading Account

  • The terms of payment are strictly thirty (30) days from the statement date.
  • Should the Customer not pay for the goods and services supplied in accordance with these terms then BLA will be entitled to suspend supply of goods and services at its sole discretion.
  • Should the Customer repeatedly not pay for the goods and services supplied in accordance with these terms, their trading account will be closed and they will be required to deal on Cash terms.
  • If Payment is received by the 25th day of the month following statement, then the Customer will be entitled to Settlement Discount of 5%.
  • Settlement Discount only applies to those invoices paid within terms and on the proviso that the Customer has no overdue balances outside of terms.

Cash Account

  • Cleared funds must be received before dispatch of goods.

Account Payment

  • Payment options are Direct Deposit, Credit card or Cheque.
  • BLA has aligned itself with Westpac to provide a more efficient method of dealing with our customer’s account payment. We offer a service Called Payway. It is a Westpac held site, where upon receipt of an authorised form, we will upload your credit card details. The advantages of this site are
    • You provide your details only once
    • The security of the site is managed by Westpac
    • The person placing the charge onto your card will not see your card details
    • If you have a trading account you can arrange with BLA to set your account so that a payment, in line with the statement balance you received earlier in the month will be processed on the 25th. This ensures you don’t forget to make a payment and you receive your 5% discount.
    • If you have a Cash Account we can set your account to process the payment as soon as the order is ready for dispatch. This minimises the delays caused by BLA not being able to contact you for payment.
  • In the event of a dishonoured payment a processing fee of $20 will be charged to the Customer’s account.