Mastervolt Mass Combi - 230V


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Technical Overview

Volt: 48 Watt: 2500 Amp: 35

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Mastervolt Mass Combi - 230V

Charging, inverting and power support in one device.

The Mastervolt Mass Combi combines the best of both worlds with an advanced battery charger and a silent inverter rolled into one compact device; ideal for most vessels from launches to 16-metre yachts.

Versatility in power supply
One of the key reasons for the Mass Combi’s popularity is its versatile power supply. The starter and service batteries are charged quickly and completely. The inverter provides a silent and clean power supply. The Combi also has two separate AC outputs for light and heavy equipment. Heavy consumers, such as a washing machine or boiler, are only supplied with power if there is shore power or a generator present. This prevents any unintentional depletion of the battery.

Modern technology
The design of the Mass Combi is both unique and characteristic of Mastervolt. Rather than installing heavy transformers, our lightweight, high-frequency technology offers major benefits in terms of size, weight and sound (no hum!). The technology also ensures an exceptionally high efficiency with a minimal conversion loss and a low no-load consumption. The Mass Combi meets all your requirements and more!

Perfect in a MasterBus system
The Mastervolt Mass Combi fits perfectly within a MasterBus system. The platform allows all components to be connected easily, provides a simple and intuitive operation, and requires far fewer cables for installation. The system can be combined with a MasterView Easy, MasterShunt or decentralised Digital Switching system for instance.

Save space, weight and battery power
With its intelligent design including high frequency switch mode technology and an anodised aluminum housing, the Mass Combi is compact, lightweight and efficient. For instance, the 2500 Watt unit weighs only 11kg. Designed for the marine environment with multiple safety features, the Mass Combi has a very low amp draw when turned on and no load is present decreasing the drain on the batteries. Connection points are within easy reach and external mounting key hole slots allow speedy installation. Customising a system is easily accomplished through MasterBus. Mass Combi inverter/chargers meet global industry standards including CE and ABYC.

Combined functionality
• Power boost from battery when shore power is limited (shore/generator support)
• Charging two individual battery terminals
• Invert to 120V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz pure sine wave voltage
• Supplies 12, 24 or 48 volt onboard power
• Multiple distribution and switching systems
• Two Combis parallel switched for more power
• The Mass Combi meets the ABYC A-31 guideline

Intuitive operation
Each Mass Combi can be operated easily and intuitively. The Mass Combi includes LED indication of charging phase and charge current, the 230/120V system load and 12/24 or 48V system, ‘yes/no’ availability of 120/230V and ‘failure’. It features an on/off switch with a ‘charge only’ position when the boat is in storage. Mastervolt also offers a complete selection of control panels, ranging from the compact 3.5 inch panel called MasterView Easy (picture) to a large 10.4-inch touchscreen panel.

Not just any charger
The built-in battery charger uses Mastervolt’s proven 3-step charging technology to allow easy charging of all battery types, including MLI Ultra. The battery charger supplies a maximum charge current, even with a higher charge voltage, and speeds up the recharging of your batteries. The Mass Combi also functions as DC supply if there is no battery, allowing you, for instance, to use your lighting when your boat is hauled up for winter.

Mass Combi Ultra
The Combi product family will soon be extended by the Mass Combi Ultra models. Contact BLA on 1300 252 725 for further information.

These new models will exhibit special features like:
• 2 AC inputs (generator/mains), 2 AC outputs
• Integrated solar charge regulator for panels up to 500 Wp
• Charger output for second battery bank at different voltages
• Yet increased power density, so more compact
• Unlimited power availability through paralleling/3-phase

The first models that will come are a 12V/3000W unit and a 24V & 48V/3500W unit, to be followed by 5000W and 7000W models.

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