Mastervolt Mass Combi Ultra

Technical Overview

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Code Description SRP
110482 Mass Combi Ultra 12/3000-150 - 12 Volt
110484 Mass Combi Ultra 24/3500-100 - 24 Volt

Mastervolt Mass Combi Ultra

The new Mastervolt Mass Combi Ultra combines an inverter and battery charger into one compact, easy to install, robust package. Built in functions within the intelligent transfer system include seamless switching between generator and grid, inclusion of a secondary charger plus parallel and 3-phase operation.

Designed to meet the ever increasing power demands of today’s modern vessel, the MassCombi Ultra integrates common requirements for an on-board electrical system to significantly increases performance and help lower overall costs while providing simple, compact installation.

To achieve major improvements and efficiencies over current market products Mastervolt combined the latest V6 high frequency converter technology with ultra fast and powerful DSP controls. Practical user benefits from such innovations include low ‘no load’ current which help prevent batteries from draining plus an extreme peak power capability which allows high current loads such as air conditioning compressors to start up easily without power dips or interference to lights.

For complete versatility and control the Mass Combi Ultra has been designed and engineered to slot seamlessly into Mastervolt and Czone systems. All components are easily connected via MasterBus and installation can be controlled and monitored intuitively, even via a single 110660 MasterView Easy touch screen. The touch screen allows management of all Combi information, batteries and other sources such as generator and grid. As always, Mastervolt has designed and engineered the Mass Combi Ultra units with carefully thought-out connections optimised for electricians to IP23, vertical position. The logical connection layout, solid terminals and removing the need for cable glands ensure quick and easy installation.

To ensure minimal cooling fan use and whisper quiet operation the units employ Mastervolt’s Active Optima Cooling concept. The advanced thermal design provides optimal performance and quiet operation when required with the ability to provide up to 50% of the charging current or inverter capacity without fan cooling. Additionally, the smart Active Optima Cooling concept regulates the fan speed in a linear way when maximum capacity is required or ambient temperatures are very high.

Two separate AC inputs for the generator and shore power are provided as standard, both adjusted to the specific characteristics of each power source. Ultra-fast controls result in seamless transfer to and from the inverter, ensuring continuous power without interference or the risk of sensitive devices like computers being switched off. Additionally, the units stand alone operation combined with functionality and flexibility allows parallel and 3-phase operation for larger applications up to 35kW.

For optimal battery usage, maximum power and battery lifespan the Mass Combi Ultra units provide pure, interference-free DC voltage that prevents unnecessary heating of the batteries. A low ‘no load’ current that guarantees every Ah is deployed in the most optimal way helps to ensure maximum battery efficiency. For simplified installation and cost reduction to the end user Mastervolt has also integrated a second battery charger in each model, which in most cases is capable of charging both 12 V and 24 V batteries.

As an example of power and performance the 110484, 19-32V, can provide continuous inverter power of 3,500 W at 40° C with a peak power of 200%. Additionally, for fast charging of the main battery, the powerful integrated battery charger is able to producer 100 A at full charge voltage.

Separate AC outputs are included, one permanently powered to supply critical loads such as refrigerators and audio systems. The other output is for non-preferential loads, such as water heaters and washing machines that can be switched off automatically at any desired setting to the benefit of the critical loads.

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