Mastervolt DC-DC Converters - DC Master For 12V, 24V & 48V Special

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Technical Overview

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Code Description SRP
55-81400100 DC Master 24/12-3A Call For Price
55-81400300 DC Master 24/12-12A Call For Price
55-81400330 DC Master 24/12-24A Call For Price
55-81400400 DC Master 12/24-3A Call For Price
55-81400600 DC Master 48/12-6A Call For Price
55-81400700 DC Master 48/12-9A Call For Price
55-81400800 DC Master 48/12-20A Call For Price
55-81500100 DC Master 24/12-3A Call For Price
55-81500200 DC Master 24/12-6A Call For Price
55-81500350 DC Master 24/12-24A Call For Price
55-81500400 DC Master 24/24-3A Call For Price
55-81500600 DC Master 12/12-3A Call For Price
55-81500700 DC Master 24/12-6A Call For Price

Mastervolt DC-DC Converters - DC Master For 12V, 24V & 48V Special

The voltage required for direct current (DC) can vary considerably onboard a yacht. A bowthruster or a winch often works at 24V, while navigation and communication equipment mostly requires 12V. By using a DC-DC converter, other voltages than applied in your basic system can be reached. They also ensure that all your onboard equipment has a stable power supply with the right voltage.

DC Master Series:
• Recreational and semi-professional use
• Easy to install using included mounting bracket
• Excellent price/performance ratio
• More power available for two minute intervals, ideal for active marine telephone use
• Supplied with mounting bracket, screws and fasteners

Programmable via a desktop or laptop PC
Remote control the Mac or Magic via your laptop or PC or configure your personal preferences. The device has a communication port and easy installation with a PC-Link and MasterAdjust software.

• No unnecessary heat development due to the use of smart electronics
• Continuous output voltage
• Easy to install

3-Step battery charger
Connected to the 24V main battery, the converter can also be used as advanced 3-step chargers for 12/24V gel, AGM, wet or Lithium Ion batteries (Mac and Magic models only).

Please note
• Choose the right input/output voltage
• Do you require galvanic isolation?
• Desired capacity

Energy-saving dimmer function
Many standard light dimmers convert part of the energy to heat and also lose unnecessary energy. The Mastervolt Mac and Magic converters regulate the power supply efficiently and without excessive heat build-up, up to 250 Watt for optimal safety (multiple Mac or Magic converters can be used for multiple lamps).

Over 90% efficiency
Advanced high-frequency technology with modern microprocessors ensures minimum power loss when switching from 24 to 12V and vice versa. If you have many power consuming devices on-board, the parallel use of several units allows capacities of 40, 60 or more amps.

Solid connections
Chrome plated brass connection block with screw terminal or chrome plated fast-on for DC in/out.

Complete package DC Master
All DC Master converters are supplied with mounting bracket, screws and fasteners.

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