Mastervolt Isolation Transformers - Special Mass GI, IVET-D & IVET Heavy Duty

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Technical Overview

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Code Description SRP
55-55003300 13kVA

Voltage: 230 Power kW: 2.5-13 Max. Input current: n.a Dimensions HxWxD mm: 200x180x115 Weight: 1.2

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55-55003400 22kVA

Voltage: 230 Power kW: 13-22 Max. Input current: n.a Dimensions HxWxD mm: 200x180x115 Weight: 1.5

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55-55010600 6kVA

Voltage: 120/230 Power kW: 6 Max. Input current: 60A at 120 & 30A at 230 Dimensions HxWxD mm: 400x300x210 Weight: 12

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55-55010900 9kVA

Voltage: 120/230 Power kW: 9 Max. Input current: 80A at 120 & 40A at 230 Dimensions HxWxD mm: 400x300x210 Weight: 12.5

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55-55011300 13kVA

Voltage: 120/230 Power kW: 13 Max. Input current: 130A at 120 & 70A at 230 Dimensions HxWxD mm: 400x300x210 Weight: 13

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55-85000600 IVET 6

Voltage: 110/220/240V Power W: 6000 Max. Input current: 26A at 230V Dimensions HxWxD mm: 380x240x215 Weight: 50

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55-85000800 IVET 8

Voltage: 110/220/240V (adjustable) Power W: 8000 Max. Input current: 35A at 230V Dimensions HxWxD mm: 430x280x210 Weight: 59

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55-85001000 IVET 10

Voltage: 110/220/240V (adjustable) Power W: 10000 Max. Input current: 44A at 230V Dimensions HxWxD mm: 430x280x240 Weight: 75

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55-85001300 IVET 13

Voltage: 110/220/240V (adjustable) Power W: 13000 Max. Input current: 57A at 230V Dimensions HxWxD mm: 490x320x230 Weight: 90

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Mastervolt Isolation Transformers - Special Mass GI, IVET-D & IVET Heavy Duty

From shore power to onboard network

You need to be careful when introducing shore power onboard, especially when the yacht is made of aluminium or steel. An incorrectly configured system can result in electrolysis, which will slowly but surely corrode the metal components. It is also important to protect the engine, rudder, rudderstock, propeller and thruster on composite yachts. A Mastervolt isolation transformer will help preserve your valuable boat and provide you with the security of a correctly earthed 230V system.

Select the right transformer for your system:

Lightweight Mass GI transformer
• Ultra modern high frequency electronic switch technology
• Lightweight and compact
• Integrated Soft Start function
• Connect to power from 90–255V and from 45–65Hz
• Units can be parallel coupled for higher capacity
• Higher efficiency, limited heat development

IVET-D isolation transformers
• High quality toroidal transformer in robust casing, including circuit breaker
• Standard Soft Start for the suppression of inrush current at shore connection
• Multi tap version for both 230V/50Hz and 120V/60Hz shore voltage

IVET heavy-duty series
• High-quality isolation transformers without casing (for self installation)
• Optional Soft Start, in synthetic casing
• Capacities of 25–22kW

Modern transformer technology:

Light, silent, reliable and easy
Mastervolt’s Mass GI offers the latest high frequency switching technology as well as Soft Start for peak loads when connecting to the shore.

Weighing a mere six kilograms, LED lights on the casing indicate load and overload. The transformer can be remote controlled via a panel and has the option of automatically starting the generator when there is a shore current overload. Higher capacity via parallel switching Parallel switching of the Mass GI units increases the shore power capacity. Two 16A/3.5kW units ensures 32A/7kW, four units give 64A/14kW.

Global solution
The IVET-D multi-tap is suitable for 230V/50Hz and 120V/60Hz (American or Caribbean).

Install anywhere
With its maritime, aluminium casing, this isolation transformer can be fitted in any position on a wall or floor. No rubber mountings are necessary because the unit does not vibrate or
hum. The Mass GI also features professional connections with strain relief cable glands.

Practical tips:
• Determine shore and onboard current: 230V, 120V or both
• Determine the capacity. Maximum load with onboard power usage: amount of amps and kW
• Note sizes and weight; the mass GI is 75% lighter and 60% smaller compared to low frequency transformers

• Detection system for IVET heavy duty automatically supplies onboard system with 230V in case of a 120V/60Hz shore connection (or vice versa)
• Systemswitch or Masterswitch for integrating shore power, generator and/or inverter
• Connects to 12V or 24V system, battery charger or Mass Combi

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