Lewmar Anchor - DTX

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Code Description SRP
146370 Lewmar Anchor - DTX

Weight: 6kg / 14lb Suggested Chain Size: 6 a(mm): 593 b(mm): 265 c(mm): 10 d(mm): 450 e(mm): 243 f(mm): 254

146372 Lewmar Anchor - DTX

Weight: 10kg / 22lb Suggested Chain Size: 8 a(mm): 695 b(mm): 310 c(mm): 12 d(mm): 526 e(mm): 282 f(mm): 292

146374 Lewmar Anchor - DTX

Weight: 16kg / 35lb Suggested Chain Size: 8 a(mm): 812 b(mm): 362 c(mm): 12 d(mm): 614 e(mm): 328 f(mm): 339

146376 Lewmar Anchor - DTX

Weight: 20kg / 44lb Suggested Chain Size: 10 a(mm): 877 b(mm): 392 c(mm): 16 d(mm): 663 e(mm): 357 f(mm): 268

146378 Lewmar Anchor - DTX

Weight: 25kg / 55lb Suggested Chain Size: 10 a(mm): 945 b(mm): 415 c(mm): 16 d(mm): 713 e(mm): 387 f(mm): 298

146380 Lewmar Anchor - DTX

Weight: 32kg / 70lb Suggested Chain Size: 10 a(mm): 1023 b(mm): 453.5 c(mm): 20 d(mm): 775 e(mm): 425 f(mm): 432

146382 Lewmar Anchor - DTX

Weight: 40kg / 88lb Suggested Chain Size: 10 a(mm): 1103 b(mm): 489 c(mm): 20 d(mm): 883 e(mm): 437 f(mm): 461

146384 Lewmar Anchor - DTX

Weight: 63kg / 139lb Suggested Chain Size: 13 a(mm): 1270 b(mm): 567 c(mm): 25 d(mm): 963 e(mm): 508 f(mm): 537


Lewmar Anchor - DTX

The DTX® anchor fills the gap between the existing galvanised and stainless steel Delta® anchors. Made from 316 grade stainless steel, The DTX® anchors feature exceptional anti-corrosion performance and the enhanced aesthetics that stainless anchors offer. Utilising lead ballast encapsulated within the tip of the anchor to achieve the perfect centre of gravity, the DTX® offers the initial bite and holding reliability that users of Delta® anchors have come to expect. Every DTX® anchor is certified to Lloyd's Ordinary Holding Power
standard and is warranted for 3 years against breakage1.

1 Damage by deformation or bending is not covered by this guarantee.

Plough Anchor
Ideal for sand and mud bottoms. Provides safe and sure anchoring for heavier craft. Generally fitted with a retrieval eye for ease of removal if snagged. Lead filled tip aids in setting the anchor. Generally finished in hot dipped galvanising but also popular in stainless steel.

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