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    Life Cell - Commercial

    The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) have officially approved the (Trawlerman) and (Crewman) commercial models for use in the commercial sector. Following testing completed by VicLab on 23/06/2015 and subsequent discussion and analysis of the results, they have been shown to meet the requirements for use as a buoyant appliance in accordance with Clause 4.7 in Part C7A of the National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV). Additionally, all of the devices are suited to be used as a container for emergency and safety equipment on

    commercial vessels.

    Trawlerman Commercial (226455) - Capacity to support two persons
    Crewman Commercial (226457) - Capacity to support two persons

    BLA Code   Description Price (RRP)
    226453 Yachtsman Commercial $469.00 ADD
    226455 Trawlerman Commercial $549.00 ADD
    226457 Crewman Commercial $659.00 ADD