Marine Town

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Marine Town® Magnetic Privacy Door Locks

Smart design, smart looks and quality of manufacture have been combined in this new unique range of marine door locks. Latches operate by using two attracting magnets, one in the latch slide, and another in the strike plate. When door is closed both magnets align and latch actuates. These latches operate quieter than conventional spring latches, and as the latch is held closed by magnetic force, there is no vibration induced rattle.

Other unique features include a triangular lever shaft, whereby as door lever or knobs are tightened to the triangular shaft they are locked in place in three dimensions, so there is no possible slop or rattle, as is often associated with square shafts. Installation is easy as the design allows a wide tolerance range for the installer. The same latch can be used for left or right swing, open in or open out doors. Privacy latch on inside can be released in an emergency from outside, via a pin hole override. Available in mirror polished or brushed stainless finish with

either lever or oval knob handles.

BLA Code   Description Price (RRP)
193381 Handle: Lever Finish: Mirror Door Size: 19mm - 25mm N/A ADD
193382 Handle: Lever Finish: Mirror Door Size: 28mm - 35mm N/A ADD
193383 Handle: Lever Finish: Brushed Door Size: 19mm - 25mm N/A ADD
193395 Handle: Oval Finish: Brushed Door Size: 19mm - 25mm N/A ADD