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BLA Rope - Silver Flanged Reels

Manufactured from a polyethylene staple extrusion process, silver rope has a distinctive white 'hairy' appearance. It does not absorb water and floats. It's high abrasion resistance and U.V. tolerance ensures longevity in the harsh marine environment. The resilient and economical nature of this rope makes it a favourite for anchoring, mooring, lashing, commercial fishing, tent rope, tie down and as a general purpose line. Ends can be heat welded. 4mm to 12mm is soft to medium lay for easy splicing whilst 14mm and larger is medium lay.

BLA Code   Description Price (RRP)
144002 Rope Dia.: 4mm Length: 500m Break Load: approx. 180kg $67.00 ADD
144006 Rope Dia.: 6mm Length: 300m Break Load: approx. 330kg $76.00 ADD
144010 Rope Dia.: 8mm Length: 200m Break Load: approx. 540kg $89.00 ADD
144014 Rope Dia.: 10mm Length: 150m Break Load: approx. 790kg $100.00 ADD
144018 Rope Dia.: 12mm Length: 100m Break Load: approx. 1090kg $97.00 ADD