King Starboard

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King StarBoard® XL Marine Construction Board

A lighter, more economical board, of cellular construction (up to 33% lighter than original King StarBoard®) with excellent surface finish for use where end finish is not paramount in high visibility applications. Finished with a matte surface both sides to hide scuffs and scratches, making fabrication easier. Worked the same way as standard StarBoard®, using workshop wood-working equipment. Suitable for use in the making of hatches, steps, dock boxes, furniture, frames and trims. Sheets are white in colour.

BLA Code   Description Price (RRP)
341102 Colour: White Thickness: 6.4mm Sheet Size: 2438x1524mm N/A ADD
341104 Colour: White Thickness: 9.5mm Sheet Size: 2438x1524mm N/A ADD
341106 Colour: White Thickness: 12.7mm Sheet Size: 2438x1524mm N/A ADD
341108 Colour: White Thickness: 19.0mm Sheet Size: 2438x1524mm N/A ADD