Please refer to table below for various models.

King StarBoard® Outboard Motor Pad

These popular outboard motor pads are manufactured from marine grade King StarBoard® polymer which is environmentally stabilised to withstand the harshest marine conditions.

BLA Code   Description Price (RRP)
823520 Pre-Cut Holes: No A: 415mm B: 270mm C: 380mm Thickness: 6.0mm $50.90 ADD
846104 Pre-Cut Holes: No A: 395mm B: 250mm C: 355mm Thickness: 6.0mm $40.90 ADD
848100 Pre-Cut Holes: Yes A: 390mm B: 360mm C: 320mm Thickness: 6.0mm $41.90 ADD
848102 Pre-Cut Holes: Yes A: 380mm B: 400mm C: 320mm Thickness: 6.0mm $40.90 ADD
848104 Pre-Cut Holes: No A: 390mm B: 360mm C: 320mm Thickness: 6.0mm $39.90 ADD
200640 Pre-Cut Holes: No A: 400mm B: 300mm C: 330mm Thickness: 6.4mm $59.90 ADD
848106 Pre-Cut Holes: No A: 410mm B: 360mm C: 300mm Thickness: 9.0mm $50.90 ADD
846100 Pre-Cut Holes: No A: 355mm B: 210mm C: 355mm Thickness: 9.5mm $37.90 ADD