Lewmar® Autopilot Drive Units


    Please refer to table below for various models.

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Lewmar® Autopilot Drive Units

Lewmar® offer an Autopilot Drive Unit provision for all of their steering systems as well as for retro-fitting to any boat. Models for Constellation™, Cobra™ and Mamba™ steering systems come in 12v or 24v models and are all compatible with the major brands of autopilot electronics on the market. Many production boat builders install Lewmar® steering system with the provision to add a drive unit to their boats with minimal installation issues compared with buying a competitors system off the shelf. For more information regarding a Lewmar® drive unit installation on your boat contact BLA on 1300 252 725.

BLA Code   Description Price (RRP)
287240 Mamba Drive Unit 1/4 HP 12 volt $4,368.00
287248 Integra Mamba Drive Unit 12 volt $4,252.00
287250 Integra Base Drive 12 volt Bavaria $4,615.00
287280 Multi Position Direct Drive Tiller Lever $719.00