Cortex M1 Hub is a Full Class B SOTDMA smartAIS with out-ofthe- box monitoring. Cortex V1 combines Cortex M1 with Cortex H1 Tethered Handset to provide full VHF functionality. Optionally add H1P Portable Handsets for even greater freedom on board.

Cortex is the world’s fi rst VHF with high speed SOTDMA AIS transponder technology making your boat visible to others. A built-in heading sensor tells other vessels your direction, helping them more accurately predict potential collisions.

Configure and monitor the Cortex system and receive alerts to a connected smartphone on the Cortex Onboard App or receive alerts and control devices on the boat remotely using the Cortex Monitor App.

• Add H1 Tethered & H1P Portable handset for VHF capability
• Built-in Class B SOTDMA
• Built-in antennas for WiFi and cloud connectivity for monitoring on board and ashore
• Transmit AIS and VHF simultaneously
• Universal compatibility
• Low power consumption
• Galvanically isolated ports
• Monitor up to 5 external sensors connected directly
• Network to NMEA 2000 to monitor sensors remotely or supported 3rd Party Apps
• Integrated no-loss AIS / VHF splitter
• IPx7 full plastic housing
• 10Hz GPS and external antenna port
• GNSS: GPS, GLONASS, Bei Dou, Galilleo
• Anti jamming feature

General Specifications 
Hub Size168 x 168 x 58.7mm
Power Supply9-33V. 12V: 6A max, 500mA nom
Weight770g (1.7lb)
EnvironmentalWaterproof (IPx7)
Operating Temperature -25°C to +55°C (-13°F to +131°F)
Supported ProtocolsAIS Class B SOTDMA, VHF Voice, Class D DSC, ATIS (user configurable, EU region), NOAA Weather (US region)
Transmitter Frequency ErrorLess than 300Hz
Ant ConnectorSO239
SplitterMax input power 25W, Insertion Loss RX 0dB, TX < 1dB
Splitter ConnectorBNC
Vhf Voice
Vhf Frequency RangeTx: 156.025–161.600 MHz, Rx: 156.050–163.275 MHz
Dedicated Rx Channels3
Power Output25W, 1W (High, Low)
RegionsUSA, CAN, INT
Sensitivity (12 Db Sinad) -116 dBm
Adjacent Channel Selectivity 80 dB
Spurious Response70 dB
Intermodulation70 dB
Spurious EmissionsLess than –80 dBc (at 25 W)
Max Audio Output Power10W, < 1% THD
Class D Dsc
Dedicated Rx Channels 1
Sensitivity (1% Ber) -113 dBm
Adjacent Channel Selectivity80 dB
Spurious Response70 dB
Intermodulation70 dB
Sotdma Class B Ais
Dedicated Rx Channels 2
Frequency Range156.025 – 162.025 MHz
Power Output5W, 1W (High, Low)
Ais Sensitivity (20% Per)-112 dBm
Adjacent Channel Selectivity80 dB
Spurious Response70 dB
Inter-Modulation65 dB
Supported FunctionsVHF RX, Alarms
Amplifier10W Class D, THD < 1%
Speaker4 ohm
ConstellationsGPS, GLONASS, Bei Dou, Galilleo
Differential SupportSBAS, WAAS, EGNOS
Navigation Rate10Hz
CertificationsIEC 61108
FeaturesAnti-jamming, Anti-spoofing
Nmea 2000 Gateway1 x Isolated Micro-C male port, AIS, GPS & MOB PGN output, Gateway Translations to/from NMEA 0183
Nmea 01831 x Isolated NMEA 0183 port, AIS and GPS sentences, Gateway Translations to/from NMEA 2000, 4800 / 38400 baud
WirelessAccess Point for up to 10 devices, 2.4GHz, 802.11b/g/n, Integrated Antenna, SMA-RP external antenna port (optional)
Wireless SecurityWPA2 Personal
Cloud ConnectivityLTE-Cat1 with 3G fallback (USA), 3G (Canada, EU, Asia), Integrated SIM, Integrated Antenna, SMA-RP external antenna port (optional)
Control Outputs2 Outputs, Low side driven (max 200mA)
Heading9-Axial, Internal use only, Accuracy: +/- 1 deg, Updated rate: 10Hz (max)
BarometerUpdate rate 1Hz max (averaged)
Battery VoltageMeasured at power input
External Sensors Inputs5 Inputs, Digital (0-24V), Analog (0-10V)

101051 Vesper 3′ Waterproof External Speaker
101052 Vesper Cortex H1 Cradle
101053 Vesper Cortex H1p Cradle
101054 Vesper Cortex Railblaza Adaptor
101064 Vesper Cortex External Gps Antenna
101056 Vesper Cortex External Cellular Antenna
101057 Vesper Cortex Gps Antenna Patch Cable
101058 Vesper Cortex Cellular Antenna Patch Cbl
101059 Vesper Cortex External Wifi Antenna
101060 Vesper Cortex Vhf Patch Cable
101061 Vesper Cortex Power Cable
101067 Vesper Cortex Vhf Patch Cable
101063 Vesper Cortex Power Cable