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Supplied in kit form with all the components required to complete your installation.

Kits Includes
• Dometic BayStar™ helm pump standard 291490 or tilt helm 291492
• Dometic BayStar™ front mount cylinder to suit engine – refer below
• 15m 292997 semi-rigid nylon hose kit
• 4 x 293610 nut and olive kit
• 1 x 291898 filler kit
• 2 x 291902 946ml SeaStar Solutions® oil

BLA CodeDescriptionHelm TypeHelmCylinder Part no.
291560BayStar™ compact front mount kitStd291490291071
291574BayStar™ compact front mount kitTilt291492291071
291562BayStar™ compact front mount kit to suit HondaStd291490291073
291564BayStar™ compact front mount kit to suit OMC YamahaStd291490291074
291566BayStar™ compact front mount kit to suit OMC SuzukiStd291490291075

Refer to the engine application guide for the correct engine cylinder model

Cylinder BLA CodeMakeYearCapacityNotes
291071Force1985 to date 90–150HP
291071Honda1992 to date30–90HP
291073Honda1998 – 2010 115–130HP
291071Honda2001 to date150HP
291071Honda2003 to dateBF135HP
291071Honda2010 to date115–150HP
291074Johnson / Evinrude 1977 – 1990 65–150HP
291071Johnson / Evinrude 1991 to date40–150HP
291074Johnson / Evinrude 1997 to date115HP Ficht 4, 5
291071Johnson / Evinrude 1997 to date75–150HP Ficht
291074Johnson / Evinrude 1998 to date40–140HP 4-Stroke 1, 4
291071Mercury/Mariner1984 to date75–150HP
291071Nissan1990 to date120–140HP
291071Suzuki1986 to date150HP
Suzuki1996 only115–140HP
291071Suzuki1987 – 2002* 115–140HP 1
291071Suzuki1990 – 2000 90–100HP
291071Suzuki1998 to date40–70 4-Stroke 1
291075Suzuki2001 to date115–140HP 4-Stroke 1, 4
291071Tohatsu1990 to date40–140HP
291071Yamaha1998 to date40–50HP 2
291071Yamaha1998 to date60HP 3
291071Yamaha1986 to date70–90HP 1
291071Yamaha1997 to date80–150HP 4-Stroke
291074Yamaha2000 to date25–60HP 4-Stroke 1
291074Yamaha2010 to date70HP 4-Stroke
291075Yamaha1997 – 2013 115A 4-Stroke
291071Yamaha2014 to date115B 4-Stroke
291071Yanmar1990 to date27–36HP