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12/24 volt ITC+ controlled, self pumping (SP) seawater-cooled refrigeration unit suitable for mounting in new or existing cool boxes and recommended for tropical applications or installations that conventional air-cooled compressor is not practical. The power saving advantages of the ITC logic is teamed with the even greater efficiency of self pumping, seawater-cooled compressor. It is cooled by a uniquely designed heat exchanger that is incorporated into a dual purpose through hull skin fitting which is most commonly used as a galley sink outlet. High efficiency and quiet operation is achieved through the full flow heat exchange that eliminates the requirement for compressor cooling fans or water pumps, both of which can contribute to substantial power drain. The through hull fitting is manufactured from saltwater resistant brass with the internal heat exchanger being constructed from copper nickel alloy. There is a one metre, pre-gassed line from the through hull fitting to the compressor and a three metre line from the compressor to the eutectic type holding plate, both featuring re-openable quick-fit connectors for ease of installation. The stainless steel holding plate, with an average holding temperature of minus 9°C, can be mounted at any angle high up in the cool box.

• Seawater-cooled compressor for effective and silent cooling
• ITC Display for control of the fridge/freezer
• ITC and ECO system Logic for power saving efficiencies
• Stainless steel holding plate for durability

Spare Parts
381584 Replacement zinc anode for skin fitting

BLA CodeMax. Box Volume Fridge LMax. Box Volume Freezer LCompressor TypeCompressor Unit Dim. H x W x L mmHolding Plate Dim. H x W x D mmWeight kg
38156410035BD35F155 x 135 x 210210 x 300 x 6015

N.B. *Average power consumption at +6°C in the refrigeration space with water temperature of +22°C and an average standard of cooler box insulation. Reduce recommended box volume by 10 – 20% for tropical conditions.