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Small, attractive and discreet, Exuma lights offer more light output than many ‘full size’ overhead lights. Measuring about 1” in diameter or less, Echo is clean, almost flush, and easy to install. Fully water sealed and IP67 compliant, Exuma is surface mountable and fits almost anywhere, perfect for cockpits, hardtops, or illuminating helm stations. Available in a white or polished stainless steel finish and in wither white, or blue.

BLA CodeFinishColour OutputProtrusion mmIntrusion mmCriCctVoltsAmp Draw 12V / 24VLumens+
123755Polished stainless steelWhite9370+500010-1645mA / 23mA45
123756Polished stainless steelBlue93--10-1645mA / 23mA45
123758WhiteWhite9370+500010-1645mA / 23mA45
123759WhiteBlue93--10-1645mA / 23mA45