The Optimus Electric Steering Actuator mounts directly on the outboard in place of the present hydraulic cylinder. The powerful drive train, position sensor, brake and electronics are all embedded in the electric steering actuator. This means no Pump Control Module, no hydraulic pump, no hoses, hydraulic cylinders and fluid, and no more purging the system.

The Optimus Electronic Steering Actuator is the first complete bolt on electronic steering for outboard engines, compatible for single, twin, triple and quad engines 150 horsepower and up.

The steering control unit, hydraulic power source and transmission and actuator are integrated into one electro-mechanical actuator, making this the next evolution in electronic power steering.

The new Electric Steering Actuator will interface with compatible autopilot systems in the same manner as current Optimus systems. Dometic’s SeaWays Autopilot, Optimus 360 Joystick Control and SeaStation GPS Anchoring functionality are also built in.

• Remote mount outboard fully electric steering actuator
• Designed for single, twin, triple and quad powered outboard vessel
• Electronics are integrated into the cylinder and potted for protection
• Eliminates the need for the PCM, pumps hoses and fluid
• Reduces installation time (approx 2-4 hours) due to reduced components
• Low maintenance as there is no fluid to be monitored or changed
• Retains features of the Optimus/360 hydraulic steering systems
– Variable helm Turns and Effort, Joystick compatible, SeaStation (GPS Anchoring), Seaways autopilot
• Brushless DC motor and inverted planetary gearset for strength and durability
• Replaceable bulkhead harness
• Only 3 main parts make up the steering system – Helm, CANrak and Actuator w/ harness
• Only 3 main parts make up the Joystick control system – Joystick, Gateway and Harness

BLA CodeDescription
292320Sestar Electric Steering Actuator
292321Sestar Elec Steer Actuator Rev Plate
292324Seastar Stb Pivot Brkt Elect Actuator
292325Seastar Port Pivot Brkt Elect Actuator
292326Seastar Slave Eng Pivot Brkt Elect Actuator
292327Seastar Slv Eng Pivot Brkt Elec Actu Sh
292330Seastar B/H Harness 12ft Suit Elec Actu
292331Seastar B/H Harness 18ft Suit Elec Actu
292332Seastar B/H Harness 12ft 180 Suit Elec
292333Seastar B/H Harness 18ft 180 Suit Elec