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Optimus Smart Cylinders

• Dual independent non-contact sensors and proven – System reliability and operation Dometic cylinder design
• Integrated rudder feedback unit (RFU) – No additional RFU required for autopilot system
• Adjustable stainless steel ORB fittings – Simplifies the installation and allows for easy orientation in any direction
• Harness length 18ft

Dometic Seastar Solutions® Optimus Smart Cylinder – Big Boat

• 2-1/8″ bore diameter / 1″ rod / 9-1/2″ stroke
• Maximum steering torque 37,443in-lb
• Maximum actuator force 5520 lbs
• Uses existing, proven, power steering cylinder mounting foot and rod end
• Non-contact RFU with redundant sensing circuitry
• Adjustable stainless steel ORB hose fittings (SeaStar hose) with bleed fittings
• Durability meets or exceeds requirements in ABYC P27
• Meets or exceeds NMMA, ABYC, CE, ISO and SAE electrical and environmental requirements
• Anodised aluminum cylinder for maximum corrosion protection, no brass exposed
• Includes boot and cover for shaft protection

A. Choose the Optimus Core Pack to suit the engine application
B. Choose the Optimus Cylindars and Tie Bars to suit the engine application
C. Choose the Optimus Helm to suit the application
D. Select Optimus Components