The Saltwater Terrova includes the all new category leading i-Pilot with Heading Sensor antenna, Bluetooth communication with a larger screen remote, lift assist as well as a new look design. The foot pedal with spot lock button is optional with this motor. Australia’s favourite Bow Mount motor is better than ever

• i-Pilot
• Autopilot
• Digital Maximizer™
• Fully Encapsulated Electronics
• Indestructible Composite Shaft
• Weedless Wedge 2
• Sacrificial Anode
• Lift Assist
• 2 year warranty

BLA CodeModelMaximum Thrust lbVoltsShaft Length inFoot PedalLift Assisti-PilotBlueToothJog ModeUniversal SonarMax Boat Length m
601604RT55ST Adv i-Pilot551254OptionalYesHeading SensorYesYesNo5
601605RT55ST Adv i-Pilot551260OptionalYesHeading SensorYesYesNo5
601606RT80ST Adv i-Pilot802454OptionalYesHeading SensorYesYesNo7
601608RT80ST Adv i-Pilot802460OptionalYesHeading SensorYesYesNo7
601609RT80ST Adv i-Pilot802472OptionalYesHeading SensorYesYesNo7
601610RT112ST Adv i-Pilot1123660OptionalYesHeading SensorYesYesNo7.6
601611RT112ST Adv i-Pilot1123672OptionalYesHeading SensorYesYesNo7.6
601613RTT 112ST Adv i-Pilot1123687OptionalYesHeading SensorYesYesNo7.6

602802 Foot Pedal BT to suit Terrova & ST 2017 only (will not suit previous motors)
602804 Remote i-Pilot BT 2017 onwards (will not suit previous motors)
602808 Micro Remote BT to suit 2017 onwards
603009 Quick Release Bracket
603019 Heavy Duty Quick Release Bracket Mount – All 72″ motors