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The SeaStar™ Jackplate is one of the sleekest and most durable engine Jackplates available. This essential performance accessory allows for higher speed, gains in fuel economy and the ability to run in shallow water. The all new SeaStar™ Jackplate Features sleek, bold styling that is redefining the look for Jackplates. Available in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch setbacks, it also has a new, high-speed, hydraulic actuator that lifts engines in 8.5 seconds. The SeaStar™ Jackplate is rated for 300HP engines, and it is designed to maximise engine tilt when used with SeaStar™ steering cylinders.

• Sleek, bold styling – redefining the look for Jackplates
• Aesthetically matched to SeaStar™ steering cylinders
• Rapid hydraulic response in 8.5 seconds with 5.8″ of travel
• High output integrated actuator to lift and lower engines in all conditions
• Rated for up to 300HP engines
• Environmentally sealed non-contact SmartStick position sensor kit available for precise height information
• Compatible with Power-Pole and Talon anchor systems on all Setbacks. Easy mounting with SeaStar™ Accessory Adapter kit.
• Complete rigid engine support at full thrust
• Easily moves engine at full thrust
• Designed to maximise engine tilt with SeaStar™ steering cylinders

BLA CodeDescriptionWeightkg
2019114" Setback Standard25.4
2019136" Setback Standard25.8
2019158" Setback Standard26.7
20191710" Setback Standard27.6
20191912" Setback Standard31.7
2019124" Setback-SmartStick Standard28
2019146" Setback-SmartStick Standard37
2019168" Setback-SmartStick Standard37
20191810" Setback-SmartStick Standard37
20192012" Setback-SmartStick Standard37

N.B. Accessory adapter kit (201902) is required for installation of Power Pole® or Talon® Smart Stick Jack Plates include a fitted Smart Stick, will require Jack Plate Gauge and Harness Kit 201881 to show heights of travel