The S5 is the latest product designed to revolutionise the recreational boating market. The Shockwave S5 provides boaters access to the marine suspension technology that have been tested for years with military clients, providing them with on-the-water opportunities and experiences like they have never had before.

The S5 is redefining the standard of marine suspension seats. This new suspension module allows boaters to be better protected from the shock of wave impact. The new S5 fits on virtually any boat and seat, allowing boaters of any size or design to benefit from suspension seating on the water.

• Simple robust construction with minimal parts count
• Lightweight (9kgs)
• High-pressure die-cast aluminium components
• Stainless steel hardware
• High life cycle delrin bushings
• Military spec powdercoat finish
• Designed and manufactured in canada
• Fully adjustable RockShox Shock absorber for all payloads and sea conditions
• External bump stop protection
• Surge protection suspension travel is 100mm vertical and 38mm forward, mitigating deceleration associated with wave impacts
• Adjustable rebound rate
• 3 Year warranty under recreational use and 1 year warranty under commercial use

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183052 Seat suspension pump suit S5 BLAck