The ergonomics and Featuresof our Xtreme controls are advanced beyond those of any other control on the market. A shapely, balanced handle design provides an incredibly smooth yet positive feel, the lock out button is great for centre consoles where the possibility of bumping can occur, Power trim/tilt offered as an option. Xtreme controls are suitable for use with both 3300/33C universal or OEM type control Cables without the need for additional adaptors. The handle is on the left side of the bezel.

• All controls include start in gear protection
• Dual action levers (throttle and shift in each handle)
• Drag adjustment on all models
• Throttle Friction adjustment feature included
• Neutral “warm up” button for throttle only operation
• Designed and assembled in the USA

BLA CodeDescription
306740Control top mount twin Xtreme
306742Control top mount twin Xtreme + trim tilt
306748Control top mount twin Xtreme black