BLA Recall Notice


18-0871 Service Valves & 18-7044 Service Valve Kits
Supplied After July 1, 2018

Are you affected by this recall?:
You may be affected by this recall if you purchased a Service Valve or Service Valve Kit for a Johnson Evinrude outboard marine engine from, or had such a product replaced by, one of the following dealers after July 1, 2018:- Seasport Marine Boat Dealership Kelmscott, CH Smith Marine, North Coast Boating, Boat City, Foothills Marine, Arizona Outboards, Micton Group, Cooma Auto & Marine, Slades Marine, North Coast Yamaha, QLD Outboard Wreckers or Brisbane Yamaha.

The defect is a hole that can be identified within the notch above the O-Ring and below the Schrader Valve (See Figure 1)

This defect may allow fuel to leak and potentially cause a fire or explosion.

What to do:
Engines that are fitted with these products should not be used until the defective product has been replaced. Owners should contact the dealer which sold or fitted the product or BLA to ascertain whether they are affected by this recall. If the product is affected, the dealer or BLA will arrange for the defective product to be replaced. This will be done at no cost to the Owner.

BLA Distribution
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18-0871 Service Valves and 18-7044 Service Valve Kits supplied after July 1, 2018