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Active seat suspension systems offer boaters new levels of comfort and safety in all weather and water conditions.

• Active Seat Suspension Systems absorb and minimise up to 75% of the shock, jolt, and vibration transmitted to the passenger from the forces of roll, pitch, and yaw.
• Active Seat Suspensions Systems reduce the feelings of seasickness and nausea by absorbing excessive movement with 25mm of damped vertical travel.
• These systems are CAD designed, FEA proven, and precision engineered and tooled.
• Components are saltwater spray tested and U.V. stable; to help endure harsh marine environments.
• Made from rugged, high-tensile, anodised aluminium with stainless steel hardware.

BLA CodeDescriptionAdditional Height mmOutline Dimensions mmMounting Hole Pattern
182142Seat Shock Absorber50330 x 18013 x 31 Slotted
182144Seat Shock Absorber 1/2 Profile (Pair)330 x 7013 x 31 Slotted