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12-24 volt fan cooled refrigeration units suitable for mounting in new or existing ice boxes. The fan cooled compressor can be mounted up to two metres away from the evaporator box or plate. Box type ‘O’ evaporators provide an internal freezer compartment as well as cooling the entire refrigeration compartment. Units are supplied pre-gassed with re-openable quick-fit connectors for ease of installation. A choice of ‘O’, ‘L’ and flat evaporators are available. Flat evaporators can be carefully formed to suit box size. Low voltage cut off and radio interference suppression are fitted as standard. Temperature is adjusted by a rotary thermostat incorporating an on/off switch. Connection of the evaporator plate to the compressor requires only a 30mm hole to be drilled in the ice box compartment wall. Utilises R134A ozone friendly refrigeration gas.

BLA CodeVolume* Fridge/Freezer LEvaporator TypeCompressor TypeAv. Power** Consumption A/hr@12VMax. Power Consumption amps@12VCompressor Dimensions H x W x L mmEvaporator Dimensions H x W x L mmWeight kg
381502125/40'O'BD35F0.62.5155 x 160 x 27095 x 240 x 2109
381504150/50'O'BD35F0.73.5155 x 160 x 270100 x 320 x 2309
381506200/65'O'BD50F0.93.5155 x 160 x 315140 x 380 x 2709
381507125/40'L'BD35F0.73.5155 x 160 x 270210 x 170 x 4009
38150860/20FlatBD35F0.62.5155 x 160 x 270130 x 3509
381510170/55FlatBD50F0.94.5155 x 160 x 315210 x 81511
381512200/65FlatBD50F16155 x 160 x 315190 x 120012
381514260/85FlatBD50F1.16155 x 160 x 315270 x 100012
381516400/140FlatBD50F1.26155 x 160 x 315300 x 137012

381524 Quick release mount bracket
381650 Optional fridge/freezer twin thermostat
381590 Large ‘O’ evaporator door
381648 Optional freezer thermostat

* Freezer volume is calculated at approximately one third of the refrigerator volume capability. Freezer thermostat required if used as freezer.
** Indicates average power consumption at +6°C in refrigeration space using a typical cooler box with standard insulation at an ambient temperature of +22°C.