Isotherm® evaporator plates, complete with 2 metres of pipe and re-openable quick-fit connectors are supplied as replacement parts. Although they are factory pre-gassed, the complete system must be evacuated and recharged with ozone friendly R134A refrigerant upon replacement to ensure correct operation. The evaporators are made of malleable aluminium enabling them to be carefully shaped to suit virtually any cooler box configuration.

BLA CodeReplaces BLA CodeDescription
381868381866Evaporator Plate Flat 815x210mm
381872381870Evaporator Plate Flat 1000x270mm
381876381874Evaporator Plate Flat 1200x190mm
381880381878Evaporator Plate Flat 1370x300mm
381896381890Evaporator Small O 210x240x95mm
381898381894Evaporator Large O 270x380x140mm
381914381900Extension Tubes Refrig Pre-Gassed 3m Pr