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A Self-Tailing EVO® Winch that works at the push of a button. BLA provides complete electric EVO winches including either a chrome bronze or black alloy drum. Models 40-50 are supplied with the contactor pre-mounted to the motor gearbox, removing the need for any complicated wiring. Winch only requires connecting to the battery and supplied switch.

• Push button power, quiet operation
• Manual override
• All the benefits of the EVO® range
• Easy to install
• Feature powerful series wound motors

BLA CodeDescriptionType
430417Sheet Winch 40Est Evo S/Tail 12VChrome Bronze
430419Sheet Winch 45Est Evo S/Tail 12VChrome Bronze
430416Sheet Winch 40Est Evo S/Tail 12VAlloy
430418Sheet Winch 45Est Evo S/Tail 12VAlloy
430421Sheet Winch 50Est Evo S/Tail 12VAlloy