Two or three times during active sailing season winches should be stripped, cleaned and re-lubricated. Maintenance plays an important part over the life of any winch so Lewmar® has available a full range of winch spares, including pawls and springs, circlips, Lewmar® gear grease and TotalCote protectant. A list of all current Lewmar® winch spare parts plus an archive of past models and service manuals are available from Lewmar®. Included are exploded diagrams to aid identification along with handy tips on how to best disassemble and service each winch and its parts.

BLA CodeDescription
430600Standard Pawl Small
430602Standard Pawl Large
430606Super Pawl Small
430608Super Pawl Large
430620Standard Pawl Spring Small
430622Standard Pawl Spring Large
430626Standard Spring & Pawl Kit 6-48
430628Standard Spring & Pawl Kit 50-65
430636Winch Grease Tube 100g
430637Winch Grease Tub 300g
430640Winch Oil Bottle 55ml